The Podcast

, The Podcast

The Joyful Morning Wellness Podcast Show.

Here you will find the Podcast episodes and links to the related blog posts.

Episode 1. Welcome to the Joyful Morning Wellness Podcast Show.

Episode 2: My infertility Journey- Joyful Morning.

Episode 3. In everything give thanks-how gratitude can transform your outlook on life.

Episode 4. Joy is found in a grateful heart.

Episode 5-The benefit of renewing your mind.

Episode 6-Discovering joy in the waiting.

Episode 7-My top 3 Goal setting tips.

, The Podcast

2 thoughts on “The Podcast”

  1. Hi Ashlee, My name is Shawandie Beale. Thank you so much for being bold in sharing a part of your life with us. Stories like yours and the ones on your podcast helped me so much when I was forced to face infertility. Easily one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. My husband and I got married in 2015, through marriage I gained a beautiful step-daughter, who I love as if she was my biological child. For years she’d asked me when would she get a baby brother or sister. As if the journey was not hard enough, try a 5 year asking you everyday for a due date. I was frustrated, lost, upset with my body, and grieving something I never had. But with my step daughter, my husband, stories of infertility warriors, and Jesus, I exchanged my frustration for peace. I am now a mom of 2 girls. But my heart is forever with this community. I am always rooting, listening, and sharing my story. I am even working on a children’s’ book about secondary infertility. I would love to sit and chat with you about the power of Hope. I “hope” to hear from you soon!

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