, Gorgeous Client Feedback

Gorgeous Client Feedback


, Gorgeous Client Feedback

I started my journey towards health and wellness in July 2018.

In recent years I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. A combination of Chemo/immunosuppressant drug therapy and struggling with my condition physically and emotionally I reached a point where I realised something needed to change and it was up to me to change it. But I needed help. Profession help.

I’m in my late 60’s and admired those healthy, fit looking, elegant ladies who were in their 70’s. The way I was going I began to doubt that I would reach 70.

Bec helped me turn my life around. She helped me find my vision and together we set goals to work towards it. She was understanding, compassionate, caring and encouraging, supportive and uplifting if I faltered.

We worked on nutrition, ensuring that everything I ate would nourish my body and give me the best chance of improving my health.

We worked on exercise. Tiny steps at first. Walking short distances of about 500 metres, gradually increasing week by week.

We worked on rest. (Yes you can work on rest!). Understanding that your body needs rest to be healthy. Improving sleep patterns, and reflective peaceful rest periods that regenerate the body, mind and soul.

We worked on my attitude towards life. To appreciate every moment, every day, every relationship, every gift of beauty that surrounds us. That old saying of “stop and smell the roses” is so true. To appreciate nature, look at the clouds, drink in the sights around you whether it be city architecture or rolling country hills.

We worked on my self esteem and how I saw myself. I have always been self critical, not liking what I saw in the mirror, disliking shopping for clothes, dissatisfied with my appearance. Since my 40’s I had attained a pear shaped body, my pant size always larger than my tops.

Over the last 7 months every aspect has changed.

My food is easy to prepare, healthy and extremely delicious. I seek out beautiful healthy choices when I go to cafes or out for dinner. I predominately eat a plant based diet of delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

I am doing a 5km walk several days a week. I do an hour of Pilates once a week at a studio and half an hour of Pilates at home on the other 6 days. My strength has increased week by week and it is extremely rewarding to feel the difference.

The exercise is helping my sleep pattern and I’m now getting on average 7.5 hrs sleep per night. A vast improvement on the 3 to 4 hrs previously.

I wake more refreshed, I look forward to each new day. I am “smelling the roses” in so many ways.

The healthy eating and exercise has gently and positively changed my appearance. I have lost 7kg in weight, I am definitely no longer pear shaped! I needed a whole new wardrobe and it was such a joy to buy new clothes that fitted well, and enhanced my new shape. I’m encouraged further by the extremely positive comments from family and friends.

Yes I still have my autoimmune disease, and I remain on weekly chemo/immunosuppressant therapy, although I am now relatively stable on a lower dose. Instead of fighting the side effects of fatigue on my weekly “chemo day” I now see it as an opportunity for peaceful reflection and rest, going with it rather than against it. Listening to beautiful music or simply lying in a hammock and watching the clouds in the sky.

But I am a much much fitter and healthier person physically, emotionally and mentally than I was 7 months ago. I can now see myself being a fit, healthy and yes, even elegant lady in my 70’s.

Thank you Bec!!

Are you ready to live your vision of wellness?If you are ready to take the next step and develop strategies to create gorgeous habits that will nourish your body and soul contact Rebecca at Joyful Morning Wellness for Coaching Sessions here or find the contact details over at the home page here.

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