Health Coaching is a beautiful opportunity to discover your vision of wellness and work on strategies to implement gorgeous goals to help make this a reality.

With this in mind there are some things that need to be covered.

Conditions of coaching sessions with Joyful Morning Wellness:

Health Coaching is an opportunity for you to have time to focus on your wellness and what is truly important in your life. As such this can sometimes mean you open up share with your Health Coach personal information. As a Coaching relationship is a professional relationship your trust and dignity will be upheld at all times. Information provided in your coaching sessions will remain confidential.

It may be suggested that you are referred to either a medical or allied health professional for further monitoring of your condition or medical clearance before we work together. This is for your safety and because I acknowledge the important role I play as your Health Coach. If I feel that based on assessment your medical condition means you require follow up with your GP or specialist I will notify you of this decision at the earliest convenience. This may be based but not limited to previous or existing medical conditions or queries I have regarding coaching you especially for clients with more complex medical histories.

Upon booking a Health Coaching Session you accept that you may be referred to a health professional and continuing sessions together may be based on the medical professionals written agreement to this affect. I have your best interests at heart in doing so and abide by recommendations for Health Coaches.

Cancellations of bookings made with Joyful Morning Wellness either here on the website or via email or over the phone must be made within 24 hours notice of the session. Special circumstances may be considered and are at the discretion of the Health Coach. A 50% cancellation fee applies after this time and a non attendance fee of 100% will be applied for failure to show for your appointment. Grace will be given in exceptional circumstances and once again this is at the discretion of the Health Coach.

Change of Session times will be accepted prior to 24 hours before your appointment according to availability. The Health Coach will endeavour to be accommodating.

Late arrivals (up to 10 minutes) will be allowed with the total one hour booking being reduced to 50 minutes in fairness to other clients with no compensation for the late arrival. Failure to show will incur a 100% booking fee. Please contact Joyful Morning Wellness if you are running late to your appointment.

As mentioned above special considerations will be made at the discretion of Rebecca Jungic for medical, health or personal emergencies.

As this is a Client/Coach relationship and your health and wellbeing is the focus of our sessions together it is important that you are honest in our appointments together. This will ensure you get the most out of our sessions together and also ensure that any issues are addressed in a professional manner.

Courtesy and respect are to be maintained at all times during our sessions together. If at any time this does not occur the Health Coach/and or client has the right to cancel the Coach/Client relationship. Coaching notes are required to be kept for seven years in accordance with International Coaching guidelines. These will be kept in a secure fashion and not shared with anyone except for auditing purposes in regards to the Health Coach keeping professional membership and insurance.

Joyful Morning Wellness will maintain adequate insurance and professional membership and is currently a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

As a Nutrition and Health Coach I will ensure I maintain current in my professional development and maintain appropriate coaching practices.

Terms for the purpose of this document:

Health Coaching (Also includes wellness coaching): Method in which Nutrition and Health Coaches conduct sessions with clients. This can include but is not limited to asking open ended questions to facilitate the client to think about their past, current or future situations. Goal setting strategies and documentation of same. Discussion regarding the clients desires for their health and wellness. Follow up and measurement of achievements and areas for improvement or reassessment. Referral to professional information. Various tests or assessments including Wellbeing Assessment Questionnaire, intake forms, personality tests. Health Coaching can also take on the form of gratitude journaling, diet assessment, exercise assessment and is provided at Joyful Morning Wellness either over Zoom (online) or face to face. Face to face sessions available only in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Zoom sessions available only in Australia. Overseas clients not currently accepted due to insurance restrictions.

Nutrition and Health Coach- Qualified Health Coach, qualified with Cadence Health and Member of International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

Client: Yourself, aged over 18 years and resident of Australia. Face to face sessions only available for women over the age of 18.

Coach/Client relationship: Professional relationship entered into upon booking and attending sessions with Joyful Morning Wellness.

Joyful Morning Wellness: Registered Business Name of Health and Wellness coaching business, owned and operated by Rebecca Jungic.

Rebecca Jungic may change these terms and conditions inline with best practice and professional guidelines. Current clients will be notified if this changes the cancellation policy with Joyful Morning Wellness.

By clicking the ‘I agree to Terms & Conditions’ check box you agree to all of the aforementioned information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it is necessary to ensure your experience with Joyful Morning Wellness is as positive as possible.

Please feel free to contact me via email to clarify any of the above information prior to making your booking.

Kind regards,

Becci at Joyful Morning Wellness

Rebecca Jungic.

IICT members code of ethics document