, Setting beautiful goals.

Setting beautiful goals.

, Setting beautiful goals.Setting goals doesn’t need to be scary. It can be exciting and motivating and fill you with joy.

The last two years have taught me a lot about goal setting. I was once a very disorganised person. There are so many examples I can give about the girl/woman I used to be.

A few of them;

Missing appointments, my ironing piling up until it was completely unmanageable, never knowing where I put things, starting things but never finishing them. The list goes on and on. I am acutely aware that I am not alone in this.

It was three years ago when my beautiful sister in law gave me a yearly planner. I started to realise the importance of being organised. It’s beautiful writing events and goals down and so satisfying to tick them off.

I definitely love to step away from planning and take time just to rest but I’ve learned so much from setting achievable goals.

I love setting goals that I think I can reach and surprising myself when I exceed them.

, Setting beautiful goals.This woman who remembers being unable to organise her primary school class folder and crying when her teacher scolded her now has so many goals and dreams that it’s surprising.

Goals to learn a new language, to be toned and fit, to continue studies and professional development, start a new business, equip women to live healthy lives, write regular blog posts, learn about marketing, have balance with faith and life, spend time with loved ones and be present in the moment.

Dreams placed in my heart by God fill me with joy and excitement. It’s so wonderful living with anticipation of where life will go next. From illness and exhaustion, pain and heart ache to now being filled with joyful ideas and blessings of hope.

I never imagined during those years of illness that my life would be the way it is now. Asking for wisdom, living each day with excitement and enjoying the beauty of wellness.

In the past I didn’t understand why goals were so important. I couldn’t see why people would become excited about dreams and goals and foil lined planners.

To be all that we were created to be it’s gorgeous to have dreams and to take steps into that beautiful life. Whether dreams of career, or health or peaceful sleep it’s so lovely to take some time to be intentional about where you’re going and how to get there.

Dreams are like photographs placed in your heart of the gorgeous habits you’d love to form, the kind heart you would love to have, the ability to serve others you hope for.

, Setting beautiful goals.

Goals are the road map to where you’re going.

Before maps on our phones people would sit down and chart their course, they understood the destination, they imagined the scenery, the rolling hills, the pristine beaches, the secluded spots. Explorers in years past would spend time gathering supplies, deciding the best route to take, the obstacles they may encounter and the best people to take on their journey. Those who would support and encourage them and who they could uplift along the way.

Those same skills that were honoured in the past are simply beautiful for today.

With a dream in your heart and fellow travellers on the way, with courage and faith and support for the rocky seas and jagged cliffs, goals are our road map to get to that beautiful shore.

There’s a lot to be said for SMART goals, it’s wonderful and wise to keep your goals Simple and all the rest but keep your vision glorious!

Keep a hold of hope and dream big and spectacular dreams, setting smaller achievable goals along the path to getting there.

, Setting beautiful goals.

Like little steps on a long journey, goals help us to reach the mountain top where the view is breathtaking.

I now enjoy the beauty of goal setting. Whether it’s to eat healthily, have peaceful sleep, launch a business or turn up on time with enthusiasm and energy.

Five months ago I had surgery to help ease the pain of endometriosis. Days before I set some goals to keep me active post op. Walking greater and greater distances until I was out cycling 10kms a few weeks later.

To be honest I never imagined I would be riding so soon after surgery but the regular small walks (to the decking and back, to the chicken enclosure and back, to the veggie garden and back, down the street and back etc.) built my strength and helped my body heal.

Small goals, forming regular habits and a dream of being healthy and able to do all that God has created me to achieve. With grace I now workout each day and faith and courage I dare to believe that each step takes me closer to living the life I was created for.

With a healthy body and abounding energy I can dream the impossible, start a new business, a new venture and put faith into action. Taking small steps each day, setting goals and dreaming dreams.

So dream big gorgeous one, imagine the unimaginable and embrace the delightful ness of health, wellness and wholeness. Take baby steps regularly and those baby steps will turn into running.

From pain and heartache, injury and loss to now being thankful for today. For amazing days filled with wonder at what tomorrow will bring.

, Setting beautiful goals.

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Isaiah 41:13

Every day is precious and this gift of life is extraordinary. Each day take some time to make those steps towards that beautiful dream that God has placed in your heart.

“A person plans his course, but the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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