My journey with endometriosis.


What is this condition that I mention every so often in my posts?

It’s a chronic condition effecting over 730,000 women in Australia at some point in their lives according to endometriosis Australia.

Endometriosis can often be debilitating and is present when the lining of the uterus is found in other areas of the body. This can include on the bowl, bladder, ovaries and even diaphragm as well as other regions.

I was diagnosed in 2007 after increasing pain months following a miscarriage. It came as devastating news and caused years of physical and mental pain.

When I was diagnosed I knew very little about the condition which is diagnosed during laparoscopic surgery.

Having endometriosis led me down the path of further surgeries, hormone injections, depression, anxiety, infertility, a long and tiring adoption journey and ultimately to healing.

Endometriosis hasn’t left me. Twelve years after diagnosis my husband and I still haven’t had children, I required surgery for adhesions late last year and I have to be careful with what I eat.

However, my life is not the same as it once was. I’m now filled with hope and joy. I’ve been blessed abundantly with a peaceful heart and a nourished soul. My days are spent with gratitude and I’m able to manage my symptoms with wholesome food and gorgeous exercise.

Endometriosis didn’t leave me but I’ve been able to tame this beast and for that I’m so thankful.

I now see the beauty in every day. I appreciate the little things. The heartache and pain of infertility hasn’t destroyed me and I now enjoy the beauty of being an Aunty.

There are four stages of endometriosis and I was diagnosed with stage four which is the most severe. Despite the diagnosis I’m grateful to be able to say that I have a full and wonderful life.

I once had days where I could only walk to the letter box and having a shower caused absolute exhaustion. This morning though, my husband and I woke up early and went for a 31km bike ride through this amazing city.

Cycling up hills, through gorgeous parklands, past families cycling with their babies ( little helmets on little heads, in safety carriers enjoying the view). We rose past cafes with friends enjoying breakfast together. The sun gently dancing on our skin and the gorgeous summer breeze cooling our faces.

We enjoyed the blessing of riding together. We both have chronic health issues and yet we are so grateful for those moments where we can get outside and enjoy everything life has to offer. It’s truly beautiful out there.


There are so many women struggling with this condition. It’s a silent condition as there aren’t any outside symptoms and it is often misunderstood as girls and women exaggerating their pain.

If you are one of the women diagnosed with endometriosis I encourage you to surround yourself with beautiful people who will uplift and bless you with support and kindness.

If you have severe pelvic pain and aren’t sure why then it may be helpful to go and speak with a specialist. If you have endo, it helps to know so that you can begin to take steps towards healing.

Be gentle on yourself. I understand the pain of infertility, the unseen pain that gnaws at you and takes your breath away. Take time to rest and moments to enjoy peaceful music, bird song or a cup of tea with friends.

There are many wonderful specialists out there to help you. Find one who is compassionate and listens to you and your needs.

Confide in your loved ones about your struggles and pain. Seek professional counselling if you need it from psychologists, counsellors and pastors.

Finally, have hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If you have a loved one with endo be kind and understanding towards them. If they can’t attend coffee dates because of pain or regularly politely decline invitations, be gentle and understanding. They love you and would be there if they could. Be a listening ear and a warm hug. They will give you all of themselves when they have the energy.

Those many years that I struggled with heart ache, excruciating pain, tearful heartfelt prayers, depression and fear have been replaced with hope, joy, contentment, gratitude and overwhelming peace.

I still have difficult days, sometimes I have to admit that I’m not well and I need to stay home for the day. Mostly though I

awake with joy and get to truly appreciate the little things.

Endometriosis does not have to have the last say.


I created a YouTube video last year about my life with endometriosis. I’ve posted the link in the bio. If you or anyone you love need encouragement living with endo then please watch the it and share with those you think could be blessed by it.

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