stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

We would all love to live with a little less stress. Here are five effortless stress relief techniques to help you relax and manage your time effectively.

Be mindful of where you use your time.

Become mindful of where you use your time. This can help you discover patterns in your day, where your time goes, help you to become more productive and reduce stress.

Over the last week, I have cut out almost all of my social media and Youtube use. I gave myself a few boundaries…Social media for business, checking notifications and looking at the first post in the feed-Instagram and Facebook. I also allowed myself one Youtube channel that I find calming and encouraging (they only post short videos). Besides that, I cut out social media for the next 30 days.

My reason for this was that there are books I want to read, a devotional I want to write and I have some minor projects I’m keen to work on.

What have I discovered….I’m amazed, but in a short space of time my thinking has become a lot clearer, I’m more organised, the habit of picking up my phone whenever I see it is going and I’m far more mindful of the time I spend on my phone.

What has helped? Giving myself grace. Providing a few allowances for things I need to get done, to keep up to date with business etc has helped provide boundaries without feeling guilty for going on social media.

I had become aware that I was using social media too much and this was using time which

1)wasn’t making me feel better,

2) was causing additional stress

3)meant that I wasn’t doing other things that I love doing.

So whether it’s social media, Youtube, or procrastinating, becoming mindful of where you use your time can help you become more productive, reduce stress levels and give you space for activities you love and projects you need to get done.

stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

Stay Focused

 Stay focused.

Sometimes when we have so much on our plate we may feel tempted to try and achieve it all at once. This may work for some people and if this is you then I cheer you on 

For me though, I know that when I focus on finishing a task I’m able to complete it to a better standard and give myself space to complete the other tasks in due time.

A good example of this has been in the last few weeks. With so many projects to complete I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. How would I complete grouting tiles for our renovations, complete my CPD for nursing registration, write my devotional, study etc. etc? 

I recognised that if I dedicated time to complete each task one by one, my focused effort would mean that each project was completed on time and to the best of my ability.

So my tip for you is to consider the projects, tasks and responsibilities you have and can you set aside time for each? Focusing our attention can help produce excellent results and completed jobs that we’re happy with. 

I focused on each task for a set amount of time and dedicated myself to it. Once I achieved what I had planned I felt a sense of ease and an ability to move onto the next project.

If you can juggle multiple jobs at one time, you’re amazing. For the rest of us, setting aside dedicated focused time may help. 

How might focusing your attention on completing each project one by one (if feasible) help to reduce your stress levels and achieve your goals?

stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

Combine tasks! Relax while being productive.

Combine something you don’t absolutely love doing (like ironing) with something you love (watching YouTube videos on your phone/tablet or tv, or listening to a podcast or audiobook).

When you do so-called ‘menial tasks’ around the home, make them more enjoyable by combining them with either watching a video, listening to a podcast or audiobook.

This tip is great for ironing, folding, renovations, or even washing dishes. Any jobs around the home become so much more enjoyable when combined with a bit of guilty pleasure video or podcast time.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos while ironing for so many years now and I no longer mind the task. In fact, I enjoy ironing now (I know, I can’t believe it either), because it’s an opportunity to relax, watch some videos and feel relaxed about doing so.

stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

 Practice being present.

When you sit outside or in your comfy spot for your 10-minute breaks or lunch outside etc. begin practising being present.

What do I mean by that? Take a moment and consider where you are, the warmth on your skin, the taste of your tea, the sounds that you hear, the sights out your window or outdoors. Slow your breathing and become aware of your thoughts.

Slowing down and taking in everything around us is so beautiful and relaxing.

Do you currently practice being present?
If you don’t already, I encourage you to set aside time on your breaks today to slow down, breathe and appreciate everything at a slower pace. Put the technology aside and be still for five or ten minutes. An opportunity to reset.

This will help to relax your body and your mind and you’ll start to see and hear things you may not have noticed before.

Oh and I encourage you to incorporate it into every day.

A great place to start if you’re not sure how is to watch the clouds float by. There’s a reason children love doing this. (You can always include your children in this practice and ask them what they see, hear and feel)

stress relief techniques, Five ways to relieve stress & a delightful bonus tip.

Create a restful evening routine.

The importance of good quality sleep. When we’re rested we’re able to cope with stressful situations better and have more energy to perform at our best.

What small changes can you make to help you get a better night sleep?

Some tips include;

•Turn down the lights or having soft lighting in your home in the evening
•Reduce screen time before sleep
•Using essential oils such as lavender to help you relax (make sure you’re not sensitive before using them),
•Develop a regular bedtime suitable for you & your family
•Incorporate regular exercise into your day to utilise your energy stores and get your body ready for sleep
•Work out which emails you can respond to in the morning & which are priorities
•Make your bedroom a warm and inviting space- adding an extra blanket, keeping the space uncluttered
•Ensure you’re warm enough/not too hot when you go to bed
•Enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the evening (check out sleeping blends)
•Write ideas you have before bed so you don’t have them running through your mind

What are some other small, manageable changes you can make to create a bedtime routine that will help you have a better nights sleep?

Delightful Bonus Tip.

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take an extra moment, a deep breath and choose to respond rather than react.

This is suitable for conversations and situations. Give yourself the extra space you need to help you respond in a thoughtful manner.

The moment of pause and that extra breath will help you think more clearly and help to reduce your stress levels.

This, along with the other stress relief techniques will help you feel more relaxed, improve productivity and allow you to be more present in the moment.

For more stress relief techniques check out this article below to help you create a restful evening routine.

I love the Abide Christian Meditation app for additional stress relief techniques. I’ve attached a link to a great article and 8 minute Christian meditation for anxiety. You can read the link below.

Are you ready to live your vision of wellness?If you are ready to take the next step and develop strategies to create gorgeous habits that will nourish your body and soul contact Rebecca at Joyful Morning Wellness for Coaching Sessions here or find the contact details over at the home page here.

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