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Welcome to Joyful Morning Wellness

Thank you for dropping in. You’re so welcome here.

Are you a lady living with endometriosis and infertility and you’ve thought “there must be something more to this life then illness, pain and heartache?” Do you spend too many days on the couch or in bed and wonder if your life will be any different? Do you see other women having babies while you’ve lived with infertility for so long and just find it hard to hear of yet another friend or loved one telling you that they’re pregnant?

I remember those days and I’m so thankful that God has brought me past that place. You see, I have stage four endometriosis and have lived with infertility for fourteen years. I’ve been right where you are. Our journeys might be different, but in so many ways they’re similar.

Do you long to wake up filled with gratitude inspire of your circumstances? Would you love to discover ways to nourish your body, soul and mind with beautiful food, gentle exercise and discover more of your life’s purpose? 

It would be my privilege to walk this journey with you. 

Here at Joyful Morning Wellness, it’s not clinical, it’s more like having a beautiful chat with a friend. A friend who truly listens, understands your pain and wants to help you with strategies to live a joyful, flourishing life.

As your Wellness & Nutrition Coach I will create an uplifting and encouraging space where you can share your dreams, discover your vision for your life and help you set beautiful goals to help you achieve a life filled with purpose.

We were each created by God for His purpose and to use our gifts to bless others. You may have lived with pain and heartache for a long time, now is the time to start fresh. To walk into your new day acknowledging your present and being excited for the future.

Living with endometrioisis brings hurdles to overcome, together we can look at practical ways to overcoming those barriers and creating wonderful lifestyle changes for you.

That with small consistent steps you can discover more energy, eat nourishing food, enjoy activities that light you up and embrace this beautiful life. This has been my journey and I’m excited to share what I have learned with you, all in an uplifting and compassionate environment. You can read more about my story here .

I offer face to face sessions in Taringa and also love to meet you via Zoom. New day retreat style sessions coming soon on the North side of Brisbane.

You can find testimonials from my other clients here.

Contact me for a complimentary Discovery session to discover if coaching with Joyful Morning Wellness is perfect for you.

It will be so beautiful to meet you and guide you along your journey towards health and motivate you to live life nourished and full of joy.

You can also find plenty of encouraging articles here filled with joy, faith, hope, health and inspiration to help you on your journey.

The Joyful Morning Wellness podcast can also be found here and on iTunes as well as Anchor and Spotify.

Links to practical advice for women with Endometriosis as well as links to recommended practitioners can be found here.

Compassionate, Caring & Encouraging

This is Joyful Morning Wellness.

                                               -Rebecca Jungic